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When you donate to Music Theatre of Madison, youre supporting an established, respected professional theatre company that hires local artists and enriches the cultural life of Madison and beyond. Your investment helps us create work that challenges and enriches lives in an accessible, affordable, anti-racist way. 

See below if you'd prefer to donate by mail. 

Why do we need new and unusual musicals?

It's a fair question.  There are a lot of causes and a lot of problems in the world.  What does new musical theatre do to address these problems? And why do we need your support?  

Here are our reasons: 

  • In a world that shuts out many marginalized voices, new art, including new musicals, reflects the voices of our time.

  • In a world that is increasingly addicted to home and mobile entertainment, the art we create now reaches us in a way that makes us feel connected rather than passive; involved rather than distanced. It makes us feel how art connects a continually dividing society. 

  • New musicals are portraying perspectives of people of varying races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities; moreover, they are providing more diverse, relatable stories for a wider variety of people.  This season at MTM features stories about a wide range of people from varying backgrounds. Casts and creative teams include a large variety of individuals of varying races, ethnicities, identities, and abilities. In 2021, our fifteenth anniversary season, you'll see our most varied season yet! 

Okay.  So why Music Theatre of Madison?

Another fair question. Why is MTM equipped to work toward equity and bring inspiring new work to Madison? The answer is we've been learning, improving, and excelling for years by staying up to date on trends, listening to our constituents, paying attention to what other theatres are doing, and hiring exceptional staff and Artistic Associates who bring varied skills and are committed not only to excellence, but to their continued education.  We're honored and humbled to have been recognized nationally for our work through the National Alliance for Musical Theatre, Americans for the Arts, and American Theatre Magazine. 

  • In a time where the value of artists is increasingly questioned, we are paying local artists at competitive wages, which are reinvested in Madison’s economy.  We've paid since day one, at a time when we were literally asked "Why bother paying? People will work for free. We have never ever accepted that. And what we're able to pay is rapidly increasing thanks to community support. 

  •  In a time when live entertainment, particularly expensive-to-produce musicals, has become an unaffordable commodity for many, we are keeping our prices flexible and affordable, offering increasing outreach, and using Pay What You Can performances to reach as many people as possible.  

Your gift makes it happen. Your gift shines light on new pieces, removes barriers, offers jobs, encourages evolving work, and infuses us with excellence.  We are grateful for each and every donor who supports us. 


Every dollar counts! 

Ways to contribute now: 

1) Donate securely online using a credit or debit card via the button below.  If you would like your donation to be designated for a special purpose, such as the Artist Fund, enter it in the text box provided. 

You will receive an e-mail confirmation and receipt for tax purposes. 





2) Mail a check payable to Music Theatre of Madison to 5555 Odana Road, Ste 115, Madison, WI 53719. 

You will receive an e-mail confirmation and receipt for tax purposes. 

Music Theatre of Madison is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt nonprofit organization.  Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Other giving options: 


1) Recurring gifts: Set up recurring a recurring monthly gift by clicking "Donate Now" above and opt for monthly or weekly in the box provided.  ($10 a month means you've given $120, enough to print about 50 programs, by the end of the year) 

2) Employer matching gifts: Want to double your impact? Many employers have matching gift programs.  Chat with your company to find out if that's possible.  We'll even give your company a shout out in our programs! 

We hope to soon be set up to accept stock and other non-cash gifts.  Stay tuned! 

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