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2023 Season: Breaking the Rules

This season we examine going against convention, both within the stories we tell and in the ways we tell them. Breaking the rules can have varied results, and we're here to explore them all this year! 


Throughout the year at varying locations

First slam March 9 at Lakeside Street Coffeehouse

In the tradition of The Moth and sitting around campfires since time began, MTM will hold three theatre story slams!  Our season theme, "Breaking the rules," applies beautifully to storytelling. Telling stories is a form of connection that we are often deprived of in the age of social media. Telling one's story is an act of rebellion, and hearing a story is the ultimate act of engagement. Our story slams will connect us to our community as we open the door for the purest form of entertainment...with a theatrical twist!

Theatre story slam (2).png

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Adam Qutaishat and Heidi Joosten
June 9, 2023    Bur Oak Lounge

MTM is excited to present this, its third entry into the Wisconsin New Musicals Cycle. When graduate student Ali makes a startling scientific discovery about microaggressions, it's up to her to decide whether to keep it to herself or share it with the world. With the help of her friend MJ, and traversing the hurdles of problematic colleagues and Big Pharma, Ali finds new truths in the world, and in herself. This workshop will include a semi-staged reading, ability to see renderings of sets and costumes for a potential full production, and a talkback after the show to help the composers on their next step.

Theatre story slam.jpg

Music and book by Marshall Pailet, lyrics and book by A.D. Penedo.

August 18-26, 2023    Play Circle, Memorial Union

This subversive musical in the style of Adam McKay (The Big Short, Vice) tells the story of a con artist Iraqi refugee (nicknamed Curveball), the people he interacted with, and how he became a scapegoat in the biggest CIA blunder in modern history. Filled with bangin' songs, rich history, dark humor, and multi-layered characters, this piece will feature MTM favorites Adam Qutaishat (Indecent), Kate Jajewski (Held), and Paul Milisch (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Little Miss Sunshine).

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