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Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman
Book by Harvey Fierstein


Performances concluded

Ran February 4-13, 2016. 


"Goderich's vocal strength in the role gives him power that goes beyond Albin's massive personality...his comedic flair shines brightly...his charm oozes." 

"Goderich's radiant portrayal is the emotional center of the play...he positively glows." - The Isthmus


"Swenson's debonair wit is well-matched to Goderich's diva...there is palpable chemistry between Swenson and Goderich in their duets, but Swenson also has remarkable chemistry with every performer he interacts with."


"It's a shame that companies rarely perform La Cage anymore. Thankfully, it is MTM's mission to produce those lesser-known shows... La Cage, like a fine French wine, gets better with age." -




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Georges and Albin are lifelong partners who happen to own one of the most successful drag clubs on the French Riviera, La Cage Aux Folles, where Albin is the star.  Things get complicated when Georges' son Jean-Michel announces he is getting married to a young woman whose father is a well-known, very conservative politician. Soon Albin's role in Jean-Michel's life is called into question.  Albin's solution to the problem is hysterical, touching,  and ultimately a beautiful testament to love of all types.


Directed by Catie O'Donnell.  Music Direction by Kevin Blakeslee.  Choreography by Marsha Heuer.


Featuring Robert A. Goderich as Albin and Doug Swenson as Georges.  With George Abbott III (Chantal/Cagelle),  Meg Aspinwall (Mme. Renaud), Marja Barger (Marie Dindon),  Natalie Falconer (Jacqueline), Lauren Gruber (Anne Dindon),  Jordan Humpal (Bitelle/Cagelle)  Ethan Larsen (Jean-Michel),  Paul Lorentz (Eduoard Dindon), Daniel Pietrangelo (Hanna/Cagelle),  Dennis Reichold (Francis),  J. Adam Shelton (Jacob), and Jose Vega (Phaedra/Cagelle).  







Support for this production provided by:

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