2020 Season: History Uncovered

Our fifteenth season looks at the parts of history we missed, uncovering them through thrilling premieres. 




January 31-February 15
Play Circle, Memorial Union


"How do we suppress art, and why?" This deeply moving musical play by Pulitzer Prize-winner Paula Vogel tells the story of a Yiddish play called The God of Vengeance, its controversial 1923 Broadway debut, all that led up to it, and all that followed. Some saw the play as seminal work of Jewish culture-others as an act of traitorous libel., partially due to a love scene between two women. This powerful, highly original, and deeply moving work uses an ensemble of seven and three live musicians to tell the story of the people who risked their lives for their art.

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Rescheduling due to COVID-19
"Energy rightly applied will accomplish anything." Be part of the creation of a new musical. Writing team Jennifer Hedstrom and Karen Saari continue to bring this new work to life with local professionals, focusing in on concept, renderings, and staging with significant audience feedback. The story is of Nellie Bly, now infamous 1800s reporter who got herself committed to expose the atrocities of a mental institution. Chilling music, deeply moving characters, and an inspiring lead are taking this production smoothly on its way to its full production in summer of 2021. Don't miss your chance to participate in its creation! 

Rescheduling due to COVID-19

"Think big. Aim high." First produced at MTM in 2008, then again in 2011, we're giving one more go to this all-encompassing, beautifully simplistic musical about family. A woman named Jen has a special bond with her brother John, but their values are divided in a deeply troubled America. When she loses John forever, Jen has a baby and names him John, determined to make up for lost time. A testament to the art of storytelling through music, one of MTM's most beloved shows comes back with Meghan Randolph and Paul Milisch reprising their roles. Get ready to guffaw, sob, and clutch your heart. 


Fall 2020
Various locations around Dane County

Well-behaved women rarely make history." After a very successful process in 2018, the revue that shows complex women in musical theatre is back. In this rendition, stories of history-makers (and "troublemakers") like Harriet Tubman, Gertrude Stein, Freida Kahlo, and more will tell their stories through existing and commissioned musical theatre pieces. Once again, we'll shy away from stories about falling in love and instead focus on female-identified people who are dealing with other issues; in this case, taking a stand, being heard, and making history

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