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t's our 15th anniversary. As the world completely changes, we remember how we got here.


We wanted a bonanza for our fifteenth anniversary season. But, in truth, we've never been a bonanza-type company. We're an intimate organization, never afraid to do a musical in a coffee shop, community center, park, or nightclub if it suits the story. Flashy has never been our style.


So for 2021 we're getting to the heart of our purpose: Amplifying new voices and ideas that aren't often seen in musical theatre. The changes in the world have pushed us to take a big step and a big risk: Our first season of 100% new work.


When I started this company in my early '20s, I could never have imagined...well, a lot of things. But most of all, I had no concept of how much incredible talent lies within this area of Wisconsin from people of all backgrounds and identities. I can't wait to continue meeting new people, forging new relationships, and celebrating the arts community that we live in.


You'll note that some shows don't have specific dates yet. We're waiting to see where the unprecedented changes in our society take us as we move forward. But we're prepared to give you virtual and live offerings as we get updates on what's appropriate and safe. The one thing you can count on is that we'll give you work that is locally created and performed. It's my purpose, and my dream come true, that you believe in us. And I'm not letting it go. See you, somehow, in 2021

-Meghan Randolph
Music Theatre of Madison Founder and Executive Director

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